Hard As Diamonds, Soft As Gold

It’s 4/20 and there’s not much more I need to tell you – except that there is no ‘Super Dank’ this year. Instead, JOTA flipped it on ya and gives you ‘Hard As Diamonds, Soft As Gold.’ Praise and blaze. Art by the very talented Noelle Duquette and D E A T H SP A N. Free download/stream. Enjoy!





So, here we are – Easter on 4/20. ┬áJesus has risen and has never been higher.┬áThis is Nashville’s finest lo-fi beat maker at his best. We’ve said it before and we will say it again: GIVE THIS MAN THE DAMN CROWN. Watch the video and download the tape for free. Praise ’em and blaze ’em.

“king back” – Terry Larkin

“so many hammers” – Walter Gaybe

“show them the way JOTA” – Wordsworth