JOTA ESE began as a small time DJ broadcasting from an illegal low-power radio station located a few miles outside of Coari, Brasil. After years of hosting the infamous “It Came From Monsta Island” radio shows, JOTA ESE began to receive some attention for his own lo-fi beat sound. Although being largely unknown, the beat maker’s talents brought him out of the Amazon and into America in the mid 2000s. JOTA ESE joined Terry and Gary Larkin around 2012 to create Trilobite Donuts, a cryptic production house where many frequent collaborators, such as newcomer Dirk Birkelson and the late Walter Gaybe, are brought in to help create and realize the “JOTA ESE” tapes. Terry and Gary Larkin are present on all JOTA ESE tapes, especially in the mixing and mastering process, and the effect has given each JOTA ESE tape a certain mysterious quality because it is unclear who plays what role. Trilobite Donuts operates in secrecy from Day Old Studio B in Nashville, TN.