Fabergé ESE




Time is a mountain lion who goes by “Mr. Whiskers”

I had to put it down for all my brothers and my sisters

Heavy is the head that hangs on broken hinges

Sometimes you give it up and sometimes you’re stingy with it

And metaphysics can’t explain why I’ve got to ball on these hoes

My stream of consciousness goes like the Kaskaskia flows

But hey, what do I know? He’s just a wino

Still he kept his receipt from that fucking albino

And the cubano in a straw hat struttin, I’m a dangerous man

I had to fail for a few years to figure out a new game plan

And now my fake friends are saying “JOTA, you done changed man”

But the real ones know exactly where I still stand, daddy




I’ve been crying all night because I hurt you

There’s blood on the mirror because I hurt too

These are the things that I’ve been going through

Waking up on the bathroom floor is what I’m gonna do

She changed her mind when she was out here

She’s freaking that fire, feeding without fear

She takes it outside so she can see it clear

It’s colder than she thought she’d know, she never held a gun before

Hey, oh don’t you know? This is my revenge track

Get your ass down on the floor, now can you comprehend that?

Streets is cold, my beanie low steady tippin I’m out the door

She said she never had a thug before, she said she never had a thug before





Bitch I would never, never ever ever ever tell you

You think you’re so clever with that fuzzy coat and bad attitude

Out here on a moonbeam, you pulled some slick shit slipping out the back

Oh that’s how you’d do me? You best believe that I remember that

I get you back


Pigs in the summer, the bacon frys but tell me what you’ve got up your sleeve

Your face on the pavement now you’re a t-shirt “I Can’t Breathe”

If we love each other we’ve got to burn this whole thing to the ground

But bitch I would never pass this up when I see you standing around

I get you back




I think I should be on my way now but it’s so hard to up and leave

I’m like a fish out of the ocean, I’m trying to get back to the sea

Lately I’ve been thinking about some bullshit, like there’s nothing left for me

It’s just another awkward moment when we get back what we need


I’m trying to steer my ship, baby

I’m dying to show you that I know the way


I stood naked on top of a mountain to let the whole world look at me

I guess it pays to drink out of this fountain, I found the place I’d rather be

Lately I’ve been thinking about some bullshit, like there’s nothing left for us

It’s just another awkward moment when we get back what we trust




I break it up faster when I’ve got a deadline on my back, I’m a bastard

And you don’t know the half of it, just ask him about it

And you can go and sing about it

And you can go and text your best friend to go tell the next fiend about it

I got it for cheap and you know that it’s me

“J-O-T-A” I’ll throw the “D” in for free if she DM’s with me

This is not rap but it’s definitely not singing in key

I’m charging a fee for this D that you see right here

Got my pants down and I’m peeing right here like “this is my shit”

You can get the fuck from ’round here

I’m quick right here, hit you with the left right here

I’m sorry but your shit’s been stepped on, my dear

If I had a dollar for every time a bitch said I’m cute, I’d be like Biggie Smalls yelling

Gimme the loot, gimme the loot

I’m taking the rock and I pass it to you, I pray you know what to do with it fool


There isn’t any words left to say, but I hope I find them one day

I’m screaming out “Baby baby baby baby oh baby”

Who is your god when you pray?

Tripping of the faith but I’m straight

Because when I’m with my boys I’m ok

I’m thinking that you can go to hell but, baby, that’s on me

And so I’m just walking away




Crooked teeth and the way you smile

It makes me shiver and I don’t know why

But if I say “I love you” I lose this game

I played myself thinking this way

When we hang out I look you in the eye

Your tiny ears and your strong thighs

But if I let you in and I lose control

I open myself up and there’s nowhere to go

I’m going through it with you

I see the tears running down your cheeks

I lick them up because you’re so sweet

But if I take a chance and let you in

I open myself up all over again

I’m going through it with you





Velvet Elvis with your shirt so bright, you kept me gambling all through the night

I’m like Fuckin’ A, pass it on down

I’m like Fuckin’ A, pass it around

I heard it’s hard luck being this nice, it beats me up when I don’t want to fight

I’m like Fuckin’ A, pass it on down

I’m like Fuckin’ A, pass it around

It’s so hard being easy

It’s so hard when life get’s you down

It’s so hard keeping it easy

It’s hard to talk about when you’re around

It’s hard to talk about or make a sound

Face down outside, feeling stuck this whole life

I don’t know, tell the truth

Is your Karma mad at you?

What’d you do that one night?

Have you ever felt the lie?




Baking my mind, I think about you every other time I get high

Your lips are so sweet

I’ll give ya the time when I’m coming, get yourself another drink

She likes my D

I got my money you can’t mess with me

But I wish you would, I’d give it up for free

She’s black and she’s mild, oh honey I’m such a child

Did you get what you want?

Hey baby girl that’s that junt

Back on my bullshit, I gotta get mine

We’re doing white lines over trying times

Como, Como? Everywhere that I go

I can always spot a buss down hoe, daddy

Rolling up in sixty inches, showing up in something ridiculous

How ya like me now?

Push the seat back now I’m laying flat in the car now

Take me to the bar now, lady

I’m a star now baby, bring the Kevlar out

How’re you gonna shoot the player? You didn’t have to bring the guns out

Shorty with her tits out hit the strip

Showin’ out, blowin’ out, goin’t out

Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

Got pills, got weed

We gonna put it in the air

Chocolate Thai, purple haze – it’s a bit unfair

I swear you know what I’m saying right here

Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

If the head’s good, baby I’ll be right there

I swear you know what I’m saying right here




Standing on the corner with a suitcase and guitar in my hand

I missed another flight and I think I might mess up all my plans

You were bathed in red under neon lights, I had to follow you

Is this some kind of joke? I think I’ll smoke and figure out what’s next to do

Oh, you had me last night

What’s a boy to do?

Back and forth, I shut it down and I know all the tricks around the way

I missed another flight and that’s alright because I think I’d rather stay

The moon was so bright in the city that night I followed you

Now I’m laughing at your jokes but I don’t know what you think you’ve got to prove





I’m coming down

Face first before I hit the ground

It’s exactly how I thought it’d sound

So tell me what you wanted now

It’s killing me

She’s got the stuff that I need

She keeps me dancing cheek to cheek

You can’t take back what you see

Until I’m stoned again with my baby

I’m going crazy

And I can’t afford the time for you lately

I . . .

Alone again

I think I finally miss my friends

Is this the way it’s supposed to end?

I’m back in baby’s arms again

Until I’m stoned again with my baby

I’m going crazy

And I can’t afford the time for you lately

And I can’t afford to try with you baby

And I read between the lines with you shawty

I . . .



I knew a girl who worked for the C.I.A.

She knew some things that she couldn’t say

I watched the sun hit your tooth

I watched them run games on you

I knew a man who worked for the F.B.I.

He made me laugh without even trying

I watched the sun hit your tooth

I watched them run games on you

I knew a spy who worked for the N.S.A.

He could tell you all the places I’ve been tody

I watched the sun hit your tooth

I watched them run games on you

I knew some fellas who worked at the Pentagon

Man, them cats was really gone

I watched the sun hit your tooth

I watched them run games on you





I’ve been taking some loses

I’ve been taking shorts

And yep, you guessed it

I even missed my day in court

Big dick, what’d they pay you?

I slept on your floor

I’ve been so shy for a long, long time but could you break me off some of yours

They say that good things happen for those who wait

Well I just stuck around and now it’s too late

When the lights go down you can’t anticipate this feeling that you’re falling down

You’re numb before you hit the ground, they say

So phone it in if you feel me ’cause I’ve been out of it

Your diamonds dance on the ceiling while mine are still counterfeit

I can tell you’re a real one, you’re alibi checks out

And it’s ok to go for that big money just don’t forget who you’re selling out




This shit I’m on

It doesn’t hurt me anymore

It doesn’t sting that bad anymore

So what went wrong?

Did you bruise your little heart?

Did you feel yourself come apart?

Do ya hear me? Do ya feel me?

Tell me if you know who’s going make this feel alright

Do ya hear me? Can ya see me?

Because it’s the worst in the middle of the night

I know I need to quit right now, but I’m trying

And all I know is that’s a really lame way to say “bye”

Did you you call yourself out in a lie?

And what made sense has left me all alone again

Now you can tell all your friends what you want