JOTA ESE proudly presents his new tape 24 HOUR DICK. Displaying the most exciting lineup thus far, the guest features include appearances from T.I., Andre 3000, Rich Homie Quan, Desiigner, 50 Cent, Richard Swift, and more! Trilobite Donuts’ bagmen Terry and Gary Larkin, along with associate Dirk Berkelson, are all here in signature form; it swings, it slaps, it forms a circle..might lose my jacket and hit a solo. Who’s Dick, you might ask? Well I’m not sure, JOTA said it wasn’t about anybody in particular. It could be someone who’s a jerk all the time. It could be a penis; or it could be the soundtrack of a crazy day-in-the-life of #RichardHarper. It’s likely we’ll never know (unless JOTA comes unhinged on twitter again) and, yeah, I guess this means Paid In Steak is still on the way. S/O Ric at Deathspan Studios for the album artwork. 24 HOUR DICK clocks in at 20 min of pure lo-fi bliss and is available for free download/stream below.

“Kind of like finding your dad’s stash of Penthouse and Hustler magz, same smell and everything” – Wordsworth

“Who’s Dick?” – Curtis Jenkins

“Deathwish for America!” – Haroldy



America’s Most Lounted is back! JOTA ESE presents SUPER DANK V, featuring an all-star lineup that includes Young Buck, 50 Cent, T.I., Gucci Mane, Sean Pablo, Harold Hunter, Mobb Deep, Raekwon, Kanye West, and more. SUPER DANK V is 20 minutes worth of lo-fi beats, mostly created on the SP-404 and BOSS-202 samplers at very late hours. S/O Ric Dad for the cover art (courtesy of Deathspan Studios).

“KING JOTA” – Curtis Jenkins

“We did it 5 times!” – Wordsworth

“Aye, this tape goes” – Dirk Berkelson