In the past, Day Old Records has been fortunate to receive new JOTA ESE tapes without much thought, warning, or expectation. After JOTA kicked me out of the Monster Island studio for “secretly recording and stealing information with my eyes”, I stopped asking the things a label would ask.

A while back, Gary Larkin told me that JOTA was working on a new tape called ‘Paid In Steak’ and it was being fast tracked to be the follow-up to this year’s SUPER DANK. As 2016 continued, we saw the release of three additional tapes but none was this supposed “fast tracked follow-up.”  I sent a note to Gary after the release of Problem/Passion expressing my confusion because Problem/Passion had been collecting dust the previous autumn and winter and I was wondering if Gary knew what “follow-up” meant. JOTA then fired Gary from the project on grounds of “he leaked, man” (Disclaimer: Gary Larkin is still employed by Day Old Records). When I recently received the artwork from Deathspan Studios I knew that it was actually happening; a trend I can be thankful for.

PAID IN STEAK or: “I Didn’t Make My Way to the Top of the Food Chain to be a Vegetarian” is the latest beat tape to be released by Day Old Records. Produced by JOTA ESE, the tape runs about 30 minutes and features additional production from the venerable Terry Larkin, his brother Gary Larkin, and DJ Diamond Nights. Vocal guests include frequent JOTA cohorts 50 Cent and Kanye West as well as Nipsey Hussle, Lil’ Wayne, the Clipse, Pharrell, and more! Major shout out to Cori McGuirk and Caroline Williams for the photos and Deathspan Studios for the ever-great art design, direction, and vision.

“We want more! We want more! We want more!” – Haroldy

“It’s all luv” – Gary Larkin

“Is a pig’s pussy pork, again? Of course we lounted for this.” – Wordsworth


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