death is a heavy thing so we had to keep this light. i have put off writing anything public about the loss of my friend mostly because it’s hard for me to put these feelings into words. we put this out because the chan man would want everybody to have a good time. this tape is dedicated to josh chandler. jota ese on the beat hoe and that bastard menace on mic. lil bro. dude came thru and spit this all first take and promptly left for a 2-week bender.

shaqueef o’chan was a huge part of the original day old crew. he loved skateboarding, wu-tang clan, and hats. josh chandler was a dependable buddy who was always down. he is my friend and i will always miss him.

– curtis jenkins

“baker!” – wordsworth

“deathwish” – harold

“piss drunx! miss u brother” – terry larkin

RIP walter gaybe