Snafu by The Deadbees

Day Old’s longest-running music project band thing, The Deadbees, released a new album! Those of us privy to the Day Old bandcamp page have seen this album title sitting on the side, hidden for like 2 years. Ben has been with the crew since it’s early Calhoun Street days and was an original roomate at the Day Old Basement AND IT’S ALWAYS NICE TO HEAR FROM HIM. This is the most consistent Deadbees album in terms of song structures and sound qualities and we are honored to release it to you, for free, on Day Old Records.

((BONUS FACT: At one time, Macomb Illinois had the best 5 or 6 young bass players in the land; Ben was one of them.))


“very sad but very good” – JOTA

“piss drunx” – Walter Gaybe

“new deadbees for a new year, all is well with my tiny universe” – Curtis Jenkins


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