So, here we are – Easter on 4/20.  Jesus has risen and has never been higher. This is Nashville’s finest lo-fi beat maker at his best. We’ve said it before and we will say it again: GIVE THIS MAN THE DAMN CROWN. Watch the video and download the tape for free. Praise ‘em and blaze ‘em.

“king back” – Terry Larkin

“so many hammers” – Walter Gaybe

“show them the way JOTA” – Wordsworth




ritchrd‘s TAPE3 is one of the best tapes to play really fucking loud in your car with the windows down on a nice day. Other favorable scenarios include: Picnics at your local park, skating to Douglas Market,  drunken cab rides home from a show, etc  and so forth. This tape is very short so I suggest pairing TAPE3 with his other tapes to, ya know, get the full experience and stuff (honestly all his tapes are good and they deserve a spot in your beat collection). Check out his bandcamp <here> and SUPPORT!!


“Yo, Curtis said we need more content on the site so I’m gonna start posting beat tapes that y’all should be listening to. I’m calling it Saturday Morning Tapes – so grab that big bowl (of cereal) and enjoy.”

P00K’s The Gargantua VHS is lo-fi, sci-fi at it’s finest. Billed as a SP606 vs Microsampler, this tape includes the phenomenal K0BRA tape as a bonus track. Definitely worth buying just for the bonus material, this tape is in constant rotation in the whip – perfect for late night adventures. BUY/SUPPORT THE MAN!!!