“Yo, Curtis said we need more content on the site so I’m gonna start posting beat tapes that y’all should be listening to. I’m calling it Saturday Morning Tapes – so grab that big bowl (of cereal) and enjoy.”

P00K’s The Gargantua VHS is lo-fi, sci-fi at it’s finest. Billed as a SP606 vs Microsampler, this tape includes the phenomenal K0BRA tape as a bonus track. Definitely worth buying just for the bonus material, this tape is in constant rotation in the whip – perfect for late night adventures. BUY/SUPPORT THE MAN!!!

A brief history of Day Old in Nashville TN

Here is a version of the “Day Old” story. It’s more or less the same version told in the first Day Old Basement doc – but with the updated stuff. That new new. Of course, The Crew is underrepresented – only brief mentions of OGs Dogbee Offla, Off the Rail Trell, The Deadbees, DBA, etc etc. But hey, JOTA is horrible at interviews and Chris (the author) did an excellent job with what we gave him. Day Old goes back so far that it would be impossible to tell everything. Besides, legally, we can’t tell you everything (both ‘histories’ play it very, very safe). Dark times bruh. This is the Caveman and JOTA ESE version, the Nashville version. Enjoy.


Check out the article <here>.